Monday, April 1, 2013

The Importance Of Steel Buildings In Florida

Everyone wants to live in Florida right?

Sunny weather, beautiful beaches and plenty to do draws millions of people each year to the Sunshine State.

However, what most people don’t know is that Florida has some of the WORST weather in the country.  Hurricanes, lightning strikes, hail, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are commonplace in the state.

Because of this, residents figured out long ago that they needed some way to protect their valuables including cars, boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and much more.
Their solution was to begin building carports and metal buildings that would protect their assets and last seemingly forever with no maintenance.

So who does everyone turn to in the state of Florida?

Well, there is a company called OSE Florida that has been around for nearly 50 years and is without a doubt the most trusted name in steel carports and steel buildings in the state.

OSE Florida designs customs styles for its customers or allows them to choose from standard styles.  They will completely install the building or present the customer with a kit that allows them to perform a self-installation.

So why does this company sell so many buildings?

OSE Steel Building

It is simple; steel buildings last much longer than other construction and almost never require any type of maintenance.  They also look much better as there is no weathering or rotting like you see with wood.  In addition, the price tag tends to be much lower than wood.  And finally, a steel structure can withstand the inclement weather several times better than other materials.  Steel carports have actually been shown to hold firm during a category 1 hurricane while houses are being blown away left and right!

If you reside in the Florida area, call OSE Florida.  They specialize in Tampa metal buildings and Jacksonville carports.  Their website can be found at


OSE Florida Steel Carport

OSE Florida
13640 SE 31st Ave
Summerfield, FL 34491
(800) 257-5513

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